[Sept 12, 2019] Roadmap


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Dec 7, 2017
As the developers here at Goblin Times are gamers, we took a hiatus to game for a bit when World of Warcraft Classic was released. As we still game, we have set a time every day to work on projects for Goblin Times. As of today, we have taken up developing or redeveloping, an old World of Warcraft add-on. We are also working on [GT] Global Sticky (Announcements). Once we have related that add-on we are starting on [GT] Credits followed up by [GT] RSS, [GT] Shop, then finally [GT] Blizzard Blues Tracker or [GT] BTT for short. We have completed [GT] Age Gate and will release it with the rest of the add-ons we complete in the coming months.

World of Warcraft Addons
[GT] Call of Elements Reborn - Provides a separate bar for shaman's to choose which totems they want to use for the situation they are currently in.

[GT] ElvUI World Currency -
ElvUI plugin that will allow you to display any of the currencies from the game.

[GT] Lethal - This project is in the early stages of creation and the title is not necessarily going to be the title we choose for it.

Roadmap XenForo Addons

[GT] Global Sticky (Announcements) - A sticky that will be displayed on all nodes of XenForo. Includes a global announcement system as well.

[GT] Register Connected Accounts - To have the ability to dictate what connected account is used to register/login with.

[GT] Age gate - Lock nodes based on a members birthday.

[GT] Conversation Permissions - The ability to turn off conversations except to specific members.

[GT] Post Karma - Allow members to give post karma. Kinda like the all vBulletin addon.

[GT] Credits - We would like to provide a unique credit system with a feature not found in others. Paychecks, bank systems, lottos, etc.

[GT] Shop -
A shop that will run with [GT] Credits. This will also include user special permission like colored names, titles, permission for signatures.

[GT] Invite System - Ability to generate invite codes and set the forum to invite only. Example link www.goblintimes.com/i.php?=xvsw

[GT] Blizzard Blues Tracker - Hate using Wowhead for a feed. We will set up the addon to pull from your API.

[GT] RSS Page -
Have the option for an RSS feed to be on a page instead of posts in the forums.

[GT] Raid Progression - This addon will be like Enjin raid progression widgets (Example here)

[GT] MMO ToolTips - MMO tooltips for all the major MMO that have an API. You can have one enabled or multiple enabled.

[GT] Game Servers - Have the ability for the site to ping a server. Show how many players are online. We also want to include the MMO server status.

[GT] Portfolio - Addon that acts as a portfolio or tutorial system. Still thinking about this one......AND still thinking on this one. :p

[GT] Leaderboards/Ladder - This will display the leaderboard for whichever game you choose. Games that will be included are World of Warcraft, The Division 2 to name a few but more will be added to the list.

[GT] Battle Royale - We want to provide a new way to battle friends/enemies. This addon will utilize a match complete submission from both sides.

[GT] Mythic+ Leaderboards - Image displaying your highest keystone completed on your site with more details added in the future. This one is for World of Warcraft until [GT] Leaderboards are released.

[GT] Arcade - Host your own HTML 5 games on your site. Keep track of the highest scores and award credits from [GT] Credits

As projects are completed, this announcement will be updated.

Color Key:
Green = Completed
Blue = In Progress
Yellow = Future Projects